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Best Facebook Ads setup strategy

Best Facebook Ads setup strategy

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What are the most effective Shopify Facebook ads optimization tips?

I’ll go through the three most common blunders made while launching an e-commerce campaign and suggestions for how to avoid them.
I don’t want to waste your time with another guide on how to conduct a campaign for your e-commerce store. Depending on how much money they potentially bring in, I prioritize various initiatives in order to get started, start from the top.


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1. Retargeting Audience Campaign Setup

A visitor comes to your site, learns about your products but leaves before purchasing. Remarketing campaign displays your ads on sites & apps they visit later, bringing them back and keeping your brand top-of-mind.


What’s the significance of this?

  • In other words, you’ve already paid for this Purchase!
  • Your brand is already familiar to those people
  • Some trust has been established.
  • Although this item may be available for Purchase, a mistake happened during the checkout process (abandoned checkout recovery )

Using Facebook’s Business Manager, how do you do this?

  • Create a custom audience based ads setup that will on Traffic or engagement based
  • Set up a new campaign so that we can quickly focus on our ads set and take instant decisions if any poor performance occurs.
  • Ad sets for each step of the funnel should be created separately. These are the top six audiences from which you may easily generate additional revenue. Visited the site but did not purchase anything. The content (every page contains a Call To Action) was looked at, but no purchases were made No purchase was made after being added to the cart. Involved in watching videos Engaged on Instagram. Interested in Facebook
  • Depending on where in the funnel you are, you should use different copies. People who brought an item to their shopping basket but did not complete their Purchase would appreciate a discount or free shipping.
  • Try out a variety of ad formats, including single images, carousel advertising, and videos, to find which works best for your company.
    As a result, products that website visitors have already seen will be displayed.
  • Use Traffic as your campaign aim for the best results.


2. New Visitor Targeting Campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to bring in new visitors to your site. For your business, you must have a strategy to attract new customers.


What’s the significance of this?

Retargeting is this campaign that makes you money, and you know it. Of course, to have an ever-expanding pool of potential customers for remarketing, you need visitors to your website all the time. Prospecting efforts will present numerous difficulties for you to overcome. Do you know what form of campaign is best for you? What are your goals? Who are your audiences? What are your creatives? What are your copywriting guidelines? Then I’ll be glad to help.

Using Facebook’s Business Manager, how do you do this?

  • In order to get to know your customers better, use Facebook Audience Insights. Using Audience Insights (AI), you’ll be able to learn more about your clients – their occupations, ages, genders, and interests.
  • Create Lookalike audiences based on previous events like Purchase, add to cart, initiate checkout, content view (+ content view at least two times, top 25% time spent on the website)
  • Organize a fresh round of prospecting efforts. The question is, what kind of goal should you choose? It’s up to you! Conversions, Traffic, and catalog sales will be tested.
  • Try to use the manual bid to intimidate your opponents. For example, if you have an average cost per event (such a purchase or a landing page view) of $10, double or treble that amount and see what happens.
  • Start with something simple, but don’t forget to include video advertising in your marketing strategy. Simple slide show videos are better than no video at all.
  • Just like above, begins with a low-key project. A copy can always be based on this article: 10 Best Copywriting Formulas.
  • To repeat an experiment successfully, follow these steps: design an experiment, do it, document it, analyze it, and optimize it. With patience and persistence, you’ll be on your way to a successful Facebook advertising campaign.


3. Engagement Campaign Where Like and Lead Both generate

My PPE (Post Per Engagement) campaign is a great resource for finding appropriate language, creativity, and viewers for my advertising. Here’s a quick and easy way to cut your advertising costs: I’ll demonstrate.


What’s the significance of this?

It’s been said that the best way to get low-cost advertising is to make your commercials popular. The question is, though, how to go about it? You can either make viral videos or conduct a specific ad campaign to attract people to interact with your commercials. “Bucket of advertisements,” as I like to call it.


Using Facebook’s Business Manager, how do you do this?

  • Start a new campaign, as objective choose Post Per Engagement (PPE).
  • Optimize for video views on mobile, Tab, Desktop
  • It is recommended to test three ads for each ad set (one video, one single image, and one carousel).
  • There is a distinct demographic for each ad package.
  • Your product can be tested with only a few dollars a day, and you won’t require a large budget to do so.
  • The audience with the most clicks and interaction deserves greater funding. Do not tolerate subpar performance.
  • You can create a new campaign using an ad that has high engagement by copying the ad’s ID and pasting it into other campaigns.

What did we learn from your experience? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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